Trapping Guide

Getting Ready
  • Withhold food for 24 hours prior to trapping. You will provide a full meal once they are in their traps. 
  • Line the floor (and your car if transporting) with a tarp/trash bag and on top of that an absorbent material such as an old towel. They may urinate or defecate while inside the trap, and this protects your home and car.
  • Make sure you have all of the necessary tool for trapping listed to the right. 
Setting your trap
  • Set your trap in a location that you will be able to have your eyes on it at all times. 
  • Line the inside with newspaper and lay a sheet over the top. 
  • BAITING: Zig-Zag the juice from your bait can in a trail from the outside of the trap leading in towards the back. Sprinkle a small amount of bait along the juice line. Leave a heaping pile at the back beyond the trip plate. 
  • View our How To Videos for help on opening your trap. 
Once the cat is in the trap
  • Cover the trap completely with the sheet.
  • Secure both doors of the trap before moving it.
  • Bring the trap into a warm, quiet holding place. 
  • Using the fork, provide food and water. Pull food, leave water between 10pm and midnight the night before surgery. 
  • remove water prior to transport in the morning.