Grantor Recognition

Grantor Recognition

Thanks to the support of the the Massachusetts Animal Coalition and The Shirley S. Windsor Charitable Trust, Charles River Alleycats is able to provide significant help to animals in need, and make an impact to decrease the number of homeless cats on the streets.

Get Your “I’M ANIMAL FRIENDLY” License Plate and Prevent Pet Overpopulation

Charles River Alleycats is just one of many non-profit animal welfare groups that have received money through the Massachusetts Animal Coalition's license plate program. Please help us continue to help many more cats by purchasing an "I'm Animal Friendly" license plate! The plate program directly benefits animals and organizations across the state, funding vital spay and neuter services for cats, dogs, and rabbits. CRA is a proud supporter of this program, buy yours today!


Are the license plates available to the general public?

Yes! Beginning September 1st of 2004, the license plates became available in all full-service Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) branches and on the RMV's website.

How do I get an animal friendly license plate?

You can go to an RMV branch to exchange your current plate. Visit the RMV's website. Click on "Order Special Plates" on the right of the page. Read the information on transactions with the RMV and then click Order Special Plates" on the left of the page. Scroll down and hit "continue" at the bottom of the page.

What if I have a question about exchanging my current license plate with the Animal Friendly plate?

The best resource is your local RMV branch. There is a form on the RMV website for comments and questions.

How much money from the plates will go to animal-related programs?

From the initial purchase of a plate, $28 will go to a program administered by the Massachusetts Animal Coalition (MAC). Upon renewal, the entire $40 will go to the MAC program. There is a $20 swap fee to exchange plates.

How will the funds be distributed?

Through a grant process, the funds from this license plate are distributed to qualified animal welfare organizations to support spay/neuter programs.

How can I get posters and flyers for my facility or local businesses to help publicize the license plate?

Contact or 617.541.5101 to arrange to have these sent to you or for you to pick them up.

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