Charles River Alleycats

What We Do

Charles River Alleycats is the largest TNR group in the Greater Boston Area working to reduce the number of homeless and feral cats in the greater Boston area through non-lethal means. We focus on Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) of "free-roaming" (feral, lost, stray) cats because we believe that the way to address the overpopulation problem is to reduce the supply of kittens and cats into the system. There will simply never be enough adoption demand to handle the number of cats and kittens born every year. There are an estimated 92 million owned cats and kittens in America today; every year, another 92 million are born either from owned cats or those on the streets. The only solution to the overpopulation problem is to prevent new births. To that end, we will both help cat owners sterilize their cats and work with the caretakers of free-roaming, unowned cats to get them sterilized.

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