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Feral cats avoid human contact. They have either lived their whole lives on the street with little or no human contact and are afraid of humans. Some feral cats may have been owned in the past but have lived away from human contact long enough to revert to a feral state. Click here to learn how to help your feral colony.

"Stray" means that you personally do not know if a cat is owned or not owned. Many cats are allowed by their owned to roam outdoors freely which is allowed in the Commonwealth, however there are may cats that are truly in need of your help.  Click here to learn how tell which cats are owned and how to get help for stray cats legitimately in need of assistance.

Lost cat will behave very differently depending on their personality and if they are indoor-only or indoor-outdoor. We have steps and tips to help you reunite with your lost cat.  The most important thing is that you not give up hope on your lost kitty!